Sound Healing Sessions

Sound is all around us and inside of us.
Sound Healing uses vibrations to help you reach a meditative frequency where healing may occur.

Sound Bath

Monthly Sound Bath – 2nd Saturday of each month 7:00-8:30pm @ The Studio Cleveland

A sound bath is a combination of meditation, energy healing, & shamanic journey work which creates a healing environment encouraging personal exploration, & rich inner experiences. It’s like an energy healing meditation concert.

An energetic atmosphere is created through weaving sound and frequency with the intention of holding space to facilitate each individual’s highest good and healing experience.

The magical tones of Crystal singing bowls, shamanic drums, tribal didgeridoo, harmonic vocals, light language and more all weave this sonic tapestry to get you out of your thinking mind and deep into your spiritual essence helping you heal, clear, reset, relax, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul

Sound baths can encompass a wide array of sound environments; from calm deep relaxation, to intense and powerful drumming. The Great Spirit of Life co-creates the experience needed in the moment.

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Individual Sessions

One-on-one private Sound Healing sessions offer personally tuned experience with crystal & tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drumming, didgeridoo, vocal harmonics to help you on your journey.

Each person and every situation is unique. Whether you need to heal, energize your life, let go of old frequencies, balance your energies, or deepen your spiritual connection, we will create a magical experience just for you.

Crystal & Tibetan bowls are placed on or around the body. The Heartbeat of the shamanic drum brings you in union with the heart of Mother Earth. The didgeridoo & vocal harmonics whisper the dreams of past and future ancestors so you may be fully embodied in the now.

90 minutes – $144

120 minutes – $188

3 x 90 minutes – $344

3x 120minutes – $444

Couples & Group Sessions

Couple’s sound healing sessions are a wonderful, transformative way to connect with your romantic partner, loved ones, family member, or friends. Strengthen the bonds of your relationship through sharing the intimate experience of sound.

Each session is as unique as the individuals receiving the healing. We will discuss & set your intentions for the session creating the perfect healing space .

90 minutes – $144

120 minutes – $188

3 x 90 minutes – $344

3x 120minutes – $444

Group Sound Bath Healing Sessions for 3 or more people are available upon request.

90 minutes $188 + $30 each additional 30 minutes



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