Sound Healing & Crystal Bowl Practitioner Training

Learn to heal through the power of sound and vibration

May 23rd and May 30th from 8 am – 6 pm @ The Studio Cleveland

Hands-On Training

Build your confidence, experience, and technique through practical hands on training as you explore the realms of frequency, energy, & sound.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Create soundscapes with crystal & Tibetan singing bowls as you develop your skill through learning, listening, & playing.

Find Your Voice

Your voice is a powerful sound healing tool weaving reality through word, sound, & presence.  Learn to open & expand your voice & reclaim your power.  

Shamanic Drumming

Feel the Heartbeat of Mother Earth vibrating in your core.  Explore shamanic rhythm as you synchronize to the entrancing beat of the drum.  

Course Description:

• This course provides a theoretical and practical hands-on training in the realms of sound healing. You will discover how to safely and effectively create sacred healing experiences with crystal singing bowls, shamanic drumming, vocal modalities, and other sound healing instruments.

• You will learn methods to create healing experiences for yourself and others through the power of sound, frequency, and vibration.

• You will be able to confidently and effectively work with sound healing for balancing, energetic clearing, ceremony, and meditation.

• You will understand the art and science of how and why sound heals.

You don’t need to be a musician or singer to be an amazing sound healer. In fact, you don’t need any prior experience working with sounds, music, or any other healing modality to be part of this training course! All you need is an open heart, a receptive mind, the desire to heal yourself and others, and at least 1 crystal singing bowl, shamanic drum, or sound healing instrument!

*High Quality and ethically sourced Crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments are available through The Studio Cleveland at a discounted price when you register for the training course.

Early Bird Pricing

$488 until May 1

Regular Pricing

$599 (After May 1)

Payment Plan*


*$222 non-refundable deposit due up front, plus 2 payments of $227.50 required before graduation date

$222 non-refundable deposit required upon signing up, which will go towards the balance.

Not sure if this training is right for you? Do you want to learn more?
Contact me and we’ll schedule a 10 minute phone call to see if its a good fit!

Modules & Content

Online lessons to be completed by May 21

Module 1

Introduction to Sound & Healing

• What Is sound healing?

• History of sound healing

• Modern synthesis

Module 2

The Art & Science of Sound

• All about vibration, frequency, sound, & energy

• How sound affects the mind, body, & spirit

Module 3

The Human Energy Fields

• Lightbody, auras, & chakras

• Prana & chi energy

• What about the nervous system?

Sunday, May 23

Module 4

Sound Healing 101

• Sound, energy & you

• How sound healing works

• The art of healing

Module 5

Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls

• Bowls of all shapes, sounds & sizes

• Basic playing techniques & methods

• Sound combinations & energy fields

Module 6

Dynamics of Creating a Healing Experience

• Your personal sound ritual

• Creating healing environments

• Your first healing session

Sunday, May 30

Module 7

Shamanic Drumming

• The heartbeat of Mother Earth

• Rhythms, tempo, & intuition

• Group drumming trance

Module 8

Finding Your Voice

• Toning, chanting, & mantras

• Guided imagery & meditation cues

• Interweaving vocals with bowls

Module 9

Singing Bowl Techniques & Placements

• Different playing styles & approaches

• Space, sound, & silence

• Placing bowls on & around the body

Module 10

Individual Healing Sessions

• Intake, assessment, & intuition

• Creating the energetic container

• Giving & receiving sessions

Module 11

Group Sound Bath Experience

• Co-creation of a group sound healing

After the course:

You are required to complete 5 sound healing sessions on your own as a student before practitioners certificate is awarded. Details for documentation will be provided upon completion of the course.

You will also receive:

30 Yoga Alliance CEU credits

Practitioners Certificate of completion upon submitting paperwork documenting 5 “student level” sound healing sessions

Special student prices on your purchase of crystal singing bowls and other sound healing tools through The Studio Cleveland