Healer – Massage – Sonic Alchemist

Life Coach – Educator – Musician

It is my mission & vision to empower you to heal & uplift yourself, family, & community so all beings will ascend into the New Earth realities in peace, joy, & prosperity.

Every day I AM rising in love with the sacred adventure which is my life. I have practiced many things; worked countless jobs; travelled the earth; studied with gurus, monks, & masters, & gained much wisdom on this ever evolving journey of self knowledge and mastery through The Great Mystery of Love & Life.

From self-improvement to business systems, the healing arts to optimal human performance, eastern mysticism to western hermetics, musical theory to intuitive shamanic trance; this lifelong passion & vision for self mastery drives me to accomplish The Great Work of uplifting consciousness to the highest potential and joyous experience of this beautiful life we all share with our Mother Earth.

We are all one Life; one spirit; one love. It is my joy & honor to share what I have learned & be part of your journey of healing & self mastery as a guide, healer, entertainer, storyteller, brother, & way shower. To pass on what I have learned is the greatest gift as we rise in love as one human family.

What I Do

Consciousness Exploration

Sonic Alchemy

Education & Workshops

Yoga & Breathwork

Massage Therapy

Life Coaching

Shamanic Sound Baths


Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor
(2007 – 2021)
From 2005-2007 I studied & served as a live-in resident at The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Grass Valley, California. I practiced full yogic lifestyle & monastic regimen for 15 months before completing my 500-hour Yoga teacher training. Practicing & teaching yoga & meditation has been a huge part of the journey ever since.

Licensed Massage Therapist
(2015 – 2021)
My massage journey began around 2008 with a 40-hour Thai yoga massage training. Healing the body came naturally and I began to practice on clients with life changing results. In 2015 I completed massage school & became a licensed therapist. Since then, I completed advanced level Thai yoga massage training and gained 1000’s of hours of hands-on experience, developing unique methods and skillsets in bodywork.

Energy Healer & Sonic Alchemist
(2008- 2021)
Sonic Alchemy is a term I use to describe the synthesis of music, sound healing, & energy work. I’ve been a musician since my teens and love music with all my heart & soul. Energetic healing work has always been second nature to me & has naturally evolved as huge part of the music and healing which expresses through my creations and work.

Metaphysical, Spiritual, & Consciousness Exploration
(1982 – 2021)
My entire life has been driven by the search for The Truth & The Way to spirtiual enlightenment & freedom. As a young one, I pondered the mind of God & the universe, asking questions my “elders” had no answers for. My teen years were spent studying countless esoteric, mystical, and magical books seeking the knowledge and wisdom for the spiritual traditions of the world.

My 20’s – spent traveling the world, meditating alone for long periods of time in mountains & forests; seeking teachers, shamans, speakers of truth; living in intentional off-grid communities in balance with the earth; visiting places of power and exploring the depths of my psyche. I chose to quench my deep thirst for spiritual vision and adventure.

Over the past decade, I have grounded deeply into the physical world to serve, inspire, & uplift my human family. Personal development, business, relationships, & music have been my focus as I seek the dynamic balance through the inner & outer experiences of life.